Given that my first post was a disaster of sorts, I’ll see if I can get things right this time.

Today was the Motorola SABA visit day and some of us presented posters. My poster consisted of one large 40″x30″ sheet of paper; I used a different WNCG template than the standard 9-slide approach.

Several people (including Robert) wanted to know how I got that to work. You can ask Lori for this template (or I can e-mail it to the group if there is sufficient interest). After making your poster (and saving it in an accessible location), go to the HP Studio Classroom2 in ECJ and log into any computer using your ENGR account. There, you want to use the HP DesignJet 755 CM Color Plotter (you may have to search for this printer and add it). After selecting your preferred paper size and the print quality, you can let the plotter go to work.

Note that the paper size that the plotter uses is much larger than the WNCG posterboard. Also, each of us has a print quota of 1000 pages per semester and each page printed on the plotter is worth 10 pages for the quota. In addition, make sure to roll up your poster after the plotter finishes up to avoid creasing it (you can look at my SABA poster to see how not to transport your poster from ECJ to ENS).

Robert brought up a good point about this template; since everything comes out on one big piece of paper, you don’t have to force 9 slides onto this template. Instead, you have the freedom to experiment and be creative…

I recommend trying this approach when you have the chance (the WNCG Board Meeting and/or the Texas Wireless Summit would be good opportunities).

Thanks to Prof. Vishwanath and Wei Wu for this “big poster” idea.