Many of you may have seen the recent posting about Boeing shutting down the Connexion service. Well for the moment it is still working. I’m sending this from about 33,000 feet above the pacific. It’s funny - a really useful service and it isn’t profitable. I think that instead of providing free WiFi in the Silicon Valley, Google should focus on providing free WiFi in airplanes where people really need it.

I believe that the fundamental reason this service isn’t profitable is simply that it is hard to use your laptop in economy class. On international flights there is more space but the recline is lower so if you are sitting behind a recliner, you are out of luck! It seems with all the engineering talent produced in the world that it shouldn’t be too hard to create a seat with a hollow back simplifying the laptop process. Or why have seats at all? Why not configure the airplane with little cells, kind of like a beehive. Yes I know, safety issues and all that but I think most of us would rather sleep than sit up.

That’s all for now. Off to Seoul!