Within the last year, VPN access at UT has changed. Instead of independent ENGR VPN access, UT and ENGR accounts can be accessed under the same VPN. What follows is a step by step account of how to access the ENGR file server and the WSIL folder for both Windows XP and Mac OS X.

  1. Dowload and install the Cisco VPN client (both Mac OS X and WinXP are available) from the Bevoware link on UT Direct.
  2. Using this VPN client, connect to the ITS VPN server at vpn.its.utexas.edu.
  3. Enter your username and password as your UT EID and password respectively (note: this is the same way you login to UTDirect).
  4. Visit this page to verify that your VPN is active. If not active, see the troubleshooting guidelines on that page.
  5. Now we map the network drive of the WSIL folder.
    • To map network drives on Mac OS X go to the finder application, click the Go menu and select Connect to Server. The server name of the drive is smb://file.engr.utexas.edu/COE/ECE/Groups/ECE_WSIL entering ENGR as the domain, your UT EID as your username, and the password corresponding to your ENGR account.
    • On Win XP right click on My Computer and select Map Network Drive. Select the drive letter you want to access the network drive as, then type \\file.engr.utexas.edu\COE\ECE\Groups\ECE_WSIL in the Folder box. For the username enter ENGR\[UT EID] with your ENGR account password as the password.

For additional help on VPNs at UT, see the following: link-1, link-2