I’ve been getting alot of requests from WSIL members regarding access to the WSIL network folder from your desk in the WNCG (the previous post was for VPN remote access). Since you are accessing the network locally, the procedure is somewhat different. Below I show how to map the network drive for both Mac OS X and Win XP.

  • For Win XP: There are two ways that your network can be configured.
    1. Most members are using a PC that was pre-configured by the IT people at UT (i.e. if you were given the PC by Dr. Heath). When you log on to these computers (with your ENGR account) you are automatically connected to the ENGR network. Therefore, the network drive is local and already authenticated to you. To map the network drive go directly to step 5, substep 2 in this post (for some unknown reason, some computers enter \\file\coe\ece\groups\WSIL instead in the Folder box). You won’t be prompted to enter your username and password.
    2. If you are trying to connect your own PC to the network locally (e.g. if you want to plug the network cable into your laptop) you have to manually connect to the network. Follow the same procedure as step 1 above, but this time you will be prompted for a username and password. For the username enter ENGR\[UT EID].
  • For Mac OS X: To my knowledge, UT doesn’t supply Macintosh computers to WNCG students, therefore you are using a non-configured setup and must manually connect to the network drive with the following procedure.  Just follow step 5, substep 1 here to create your network drive on the desktop.