Hi all, my first post here.

In my attempt to simplify the process of creating slides, especially with equations, I have created a WNCG template slides using HA-prosper. This package will allow you to create nice looking slides using our best friend, LaTeX. I am posting this here in case anyone would like to reuse this template.

You can download the working package here.
And the HA-Prosper manual here (for misc tweaking).

The package contains:

  • Core files
    • WNCGTemplate.tex - Main TeX file
    • HAPWNCG.sty - Style file
    • UTECElogo.eps - UT ECE logo
    • WNCGLogo.eps - WNCG logo
  • Supporting files for this example
    • bf_mimo.eps
    • Research.bib
    • IEEEtran.bst
  • WNCGTemplate.pdf - Precompiled PDF slide

The compile process follows the usual procedure.

  1. LaTeX it once to catch the references
  2. Run Bibtex
  3. Latex twice to get the references
  4. dvips
  5. ps2pdf

I have not found a way to compile in one step using pdflatex. Please let me know if you find a way :-)

One catch about using HA-prosper is that it includes the logos for each page, thus creating a pretty large PS/PDF file. This is documented in HA-prosper manual and there seems to be no work around at this point.

I hope you find it useful. Any comment/suggestions for improvements or sarcasm are welcome!