I’m pleased to announce the creation of several new positions within the WSIL. These positions are a result of appointment (by me) with a term of office of one year, with possible extensions. A description of these positions and the responsibilities is provided below.

  • Vice President of Information Technology Administration [Current volunteer is Sanmi] - Deals with questions about computer account access, hardware, etc.
  • Vice President of Social Networking [Current volunteer is Takao] - Takes the lead in planning group activities, making reservations, coordinating schedules, thinking of fun and nondestructive activities.
  • Vice President of Conference Deadlines [Current volunteer is Caleb] -  Keeps our conference deadlines page up to date. Mentions current deadlines in every group meeting to get everyone motivated.
  • Vice President of Local Arrangements [Current volunteer is Kaibin] Helps visiting students, new students in practical arrangements.
  • Vice President of Posters, Handouts, and Web Updates [Current volunteer is Chan-Byoung]. Coordinates poster volunteers, handouts, and web updates. Does not do these things themselves, rather serves as point person to apply appropriate pressure to make sure these tasks are done on time.

The main reason to introduce these new assignments is to provide a point-of-contact for different group activities. I’m not sure how other researchers run their groups, but this seems like a sensible approach to me. Are we missing key responsibilities?

Prof. Robert Heath