The second draft of IEEE 802.16j, the Multihop Relay amendment to IEEE 802.16e/Mobile WiMAX, is currently being voted on by IEEE 802.16 members. The first draft only garnered a 67% approval while needing 75%. Over 1050 comments have been resolved since Draft 1, and so far the turnout has looked positive—6 people have changed their vote from Disapprove to Approve so far; 2 changed from Abstain to Approve; 1 that did not vote before now Approves.

Votes from the first ballot carry over if the person does not vote again, which means if no one else votes between now and January 14th–when the ballot closes–Draft 2 will have a 69.85% approval, meaning it will fail again. However, by the number of changes in votes so far, I’m betting this draft will be approved by a narrow margin.