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Seijoon in Korea

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Hi Everyone,

This is Seijoon.

I went back to Korea very well thanks to you.

It is very natural for me to live in Korea so my Austin days look like a dream.

It is a monsoon season in Korea so it has been raining since I arrived Korea, which makes me depressed.

Anyway, I hope you are doing very well.

Keep in touch.

I already miss you all.


Seijoon in Korea.

ArXiv Preprint Repository

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ArXiv ( is one of the best sites for publicly presenting your work before publication. Arxiv provides a copyright to your original documents as soon as you upload it to ArXiv, which means that you can prevent somebody from plagiarizing your original ideas after opening them to the public. While this concept is very fascinating, uploading to ArXiv is somewhat painful. You must follow their strict uploading procedure. Below I will present this uploading procedure. The manual is available at

  1. First of all, you must have an I.D. in the Arxiv site to upload you paper. Please make your own I.D. in IT category of the Computer Science field.
  2. Go to directly and you’ll see Submit Form. Just fill the general information about your paper into the blanks.
    • The main blanks you have to fill in are as follows.
      1. Paper Title
      2. Authors’ Names
      3. Comments where you should write down the paper information such as paper length, # of figures and submission information.
      4. Abstract
    • If you’re done filling in this form, you’re ready to upload your paper.
  3. Before uploading it, you have to have a *.zip file that compresses your original LaTeX file and the figure files included in the paper. The ArXiv system finds your LaTex file in the zip file, compiles it and coverts to three different versions of the paper including PDF, PS and DVI.

The biggest problems are related to the figures. In my case I usually use Photoshop to make EPS files though it doesn’t work in the ArXiv systems. If you try to make the figures in other ways, you may have success in uploading your paper. If you have the figure problem, then you can get some help available at and If you still have some problem for uploading, please stop by my office and let’s try to solve your problem together.