The following links should be useful to any graduate student in the WSIL. Please help us update this page by reporting broken links.

  1. UT’s IEEEXplore Outside Access
  2. UT’s Springlerlink Outside Access
  3. UT’s Wiley-Interscience Outside Access
  4. UT’s El-Sevier Sciencedirect Outside Access
  5. UT’s ACM Portal Outside Access
  6. UT’s SIAM Online Outside Access
  7. Andrea Goldsmiths “Wireless Communications”
  8. Boyd and Vandenberghe’s “Convex Optimization”
  9. Sastry and Bodson’s “Adaptive Control”
  10. MSRI’s “Modern Signal Processing”
  11. George Cain’s List of Free Mathematics Texts
  12. Gray’s “Statistical Signal Processing”
  13. Knuth’s “Mathematical Writing”
  14. The Strange Life of Nikola Tesla
  15. Shannon’s “A Mathematical Theory of Communication”
  16. CSTB’s “A Neighbor’s View of Networking Research”
  17. National Research Council’s “Foreign and Foreign-Born Engineers in the United States: Infusing Talent, Raising Issues”
  18. National Research Council’s “Educating the Engineer of 2020″
  19. Dasgupta et al’s “Algorithms”